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There are topics on which one can think of more than others!

And it is just such topics that you stand there with your mouth open and basically you can't think of anything! But that's exactly where the best things come to mind after all these years! An incredible bunch of words with which you can and must express your speechlessness about so many incredible audacity, so as not to suffocate!

The most expensive thing I ever afforded in my life was trust





The truth is very popular in certain circles!

Much like the plague




It´s hard to stay clean, when they throw with dirt




If you have too many friends, just be a bit more honest with them

That´s surely gonna solve the problem

If you can't tell lies from the truth anymore,

at some point you stop living in the eral world,

but you will still have a lot of society!



How do you free someone living in his own lying building constantly renovating it?

Not at all!

He either frees himself or at some point it collapses over him



Prejudices survive best, when they are fed with rumours and half-truths



You will not become infallible  just because you declare yourself to be it, except maybe

the pope!





My Ex did such a great job infront of the court, that she found a job in  second-rate psycho thriller in Hollywood in the meantime.

There she plays the main role in a second-rate psycho-thriller. I think it´s name is: "My life"



People who run away from something do look back more often thatn others




When the truth hurts, why do you always complain to the messenger who speaks it

and not to the truth itself?




Tears clearly have one advantage: they sharpen the view!




I am not representing anything, but I AM!






How can you want to hold up a mirror to people who close their eyes from themselves?


Such people don't bear friendship!





If there were more "yes" and "no" than "maybe" and "buts",

our world would certainly be safer and everyone would be happier.





Love is a spell that only betrayal alone can break!




The worst thing that can happen to a liar is an opposite with a good memory




So we stood on a tightrope and I held you by the hand. But you knocked her off because you thought I would drop you and you would let you fall. And you fell!



The spreading of the lie is only handicapped by intelligence, so it is not surprising that it

mostly has clear ground!


The biggest sign of disregard is the lie!

To publish it, only makes it even worse!





"I love you", she said and killed two of his children and so she found the limits of his love, beyond

the tolerable!





Don't trust a cook who doesn't taste his own food!





Beware of people with a lack of self-confidence!

How can you trust someone who doesn't even trust in himself?




A relationship where two bend to lead them

will inevitably break at some point

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