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The sence of life lies within a good saying!


There is a crucial difference between the ambiguous language and speaking with a split tongue

I don´t give in, just because

I don´t know how



Stupidity is more widespread than wisdom because the latter simply lacks fertile ground!

I believe I know and I surely know, I don´t believe


Strangely enough, when you speak plain text, you still speak in riddles for many


Aphorisms challenge the sleeping brain
with vehemence to move again



A good saying is like a good wine!

It lasts forever and only gets better with age.



You can´t beat me with words




A clever man thinks a lot and therefore needs a few words to say a lot.

But then it often takes a lot of explanation for those who can´t follow



A lot of things have been said and  done, but never in your inimitable way




Aphorismen are orgasms of human intuition! 




It´s the same with the real good sayings like with consumer goods.

The greatest have already been used


Storms can change a lot

Brainstorms can change everything




Wisdom is the only thing that really can make us immortal



Often, taking the shortcut of an aphorism

afterwords you have to take the detour of explanation


Even if today often enough you have to doubt, but words still have a sense 



If you start to doubt wether a saying is motivating to reflect, you should better forget it




I bow my head not to power, but to wisdom  


In contrast to lies, word games mean to lead to knowledge



A word can be a step, a sentence can be a jump



For words, you struggle, with thoughts you jump!


Sometimes, when someone really speaks from my heart,

he also has taken the words from my mouth!

A mistake is often made because  things change so quickly that the correct

solution for today´s problems, might have already become obsolete tomorrow and a different reaction necessary

It takes a truly childish mind to be able to look seriously, even when you're deep

in the shit!


You have a lot more reason to envy me for my past, than I have to envy you

for your future


Some couples have only to be called a couple (for) a couple of days

I don't know what is worse:

That we leave our children a battered world or a miserable example




Missed sense of reality paired with grammar weakness is to be about to come down in the middle of the shit happily shouting:

"I'm flying!"

After the new german spelling, only a new german jurisdiction is missing!

Simple, understandable and without the

usual trip hazards!




Sometimes a missing word can also be

a word too much 



If my alarm clock really wants to wake me up, it must get up earlier

Fortschritt, die mit Zerstörung einhergeht ist kein echter Fortschritt, sondern lediglich eine fortschrittliche Zerstörung

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