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Some people may ask theirselves, why I chose two different subject areas for politics and insincerity.


Well, it´s allowed to wonder!

Sometimes I ask myself, if this is a shut down

or a shut up

I wanted to turn my hobby into a job!

Unfortunately it didn't work!

Later on the tax office declared my job as

a hobby! That did work!




Unfortunately, the masses are still much more fond of a comfortable lie, than of the mostly uncomfortable truth










A sign of today:

Frontiers are constantly being violated



If all victims of justice in Germany had to be compensated, Germany would be facing

state bankruptcy!





In an attempt to make the world more consumer-friendly, the jungle of the small print is becoming more and more opaque





It's not wisdom not to find a good president in every corner, but every time the crowd chooses, it chooses a guy, that has been hanging around in every corner for months.




Why did the third tower fall?

That was actually the lie building!



In the US, one has to ask oneself whether the candidates are chosen directly from the WANTED posters




World peace remains a utopia as long as musicians do not rule it.

All the others lack the most essential harmony





40% single households

23% with more than 2 people (Most probably with 0.8 children)

Koblenz 2012 - German reality

... and the certificate of poverty of German family policy (female politics)

We have achieved a lot ... We better leave it alone ...

Maybe it will recover again!




If politics doesn't work, you can tell it by the fact that you meet more decent people in jail than outside




Unfortunately, it is impossible to get THE justice

the OTHERS already have

leased for themselves!




The throw-away society will (at some point) painfully remember when the last family was torn...

...that there was something not working without a family


... namely fathers!










Inheritance law over German inheritance law!





We are witnessing how an earthquake shakes arrogance and belief in technology and how time erodes memory







Experts are not much more than layities who have become arrogant









"Germany" is  inflicting unspeakable suffering to children and their fathers, unpunishedly 

But let’s not kid ourselves, no allied nations tanks will roll in for them






There is also natural selection in politics:

Bad cheaters fly out!

Only the best stay!







I know why there is no legal responsibility for stupidity, narrow-mindedness and malice

That would simply be priceless!





Death of the family is followed by the death of the state




The enemy of experience is change




Why do I have two categories for politics and lies? Please no trick questions!





Better than being convinced is to

convince yourself!

Oddly enough, it is usually the largest doors that are most firmly locked

Religion is a good excuse for people who need something to adore

and to demonize

Everything falls down except the money

Of course thinking is allowed, but thinking aloud

very quickly leads to complaint due to noise pollution!

In the former GDR, the cars were all smaller

and since the wall is gone, they are finally getting smaller here as well

Germany wins the Grand Prix de Eurovision

Germany wins the World Cup

If for heaven´s sake germany would

finally win a federal election!

Someone recently "complained" that "the Germans" are becoming more stupid.

How else could politicians be endured?

And don't they set the course?

Modern politics is like ultra-fast tennis!

It is not longer enough to simply turn your head 

You can really only still shake it!

Unity and justice and freedom?

Of course there is!

Politics ALWAYS unitedly increasing their diets!

You have a custody-right, provided you are a mother

And even freedom ...

Of course, you can choose between

a lot of TV channels!

The problem is clear now!

There is simply too little beer !!!

It’s just enough to drown the problems,

but it’s definitely not enough, to drown those who are causing them

Why didn't I put lies and politics together in one column?


Very easily: There are still politicians who are occasionally "stupid" enough to tell the truth! ;)

The freedom of the driver, for example, ends at the tolerance limit of the measuring devices

and that is at most 5%!

Intelligence asks

Unfortunately, stupidity prefers to answer!




I am a flea in the bogus of the liberal,

democratic basic order




To build crap properly, one person is by far not enough

Ideally, you need an entire authority for this






One can´t fight a justice that´s causing injustice within itself with itself

That would be like fighting HIV with HIV viruses!




A law is needed that protects article 3 of the basic law against prejudice of prejudiced judges!




Politicians and judges are only committed to their consciences


But who checks whether they have one?




It is simply exemplary how the politicians restrict themselves! They just accept 9% more diets!

Somebody should say again that they are not leading wit good example!

You can only hope that their political weight is not gonna suffer on long term, with these constant diets




It is ironic that father state is gonna perish

at the fatherlessness




Dr., I suffer from severe orientation disorders!

I've been wondering for a long time,

where are we here!




The only policy from below that has ever made a difference is called revolution!

It's just a shame that somebody is up again

in the end,causing a new one finally!







If society cannot exist without lies, you can

rightly call it a lying society.

It is an honour not to be socially acceptable!



It's not the strong that make the world less secure, but the weak!



Let us consider Germany as a sinking ship. Then the paper will float on top, but at least it is guaranteed to be neatly filed!




When the authorities lose their heads,

it's called a revolution

When they regrow,

it's called politics





 Because of the child's welfare, children have been completely forgotten in Germany





Laws should protect people?

But who protects people from the laws?




The use of violence never leads to success





Creative people are the death of the system





The wiser gives in!


That is the reason,

why the stupid rule the world!






With fear you could actually excuse everything!


The Americans were actually

afraid of the Indians!











The inertia of the masses is a physical quantity that should not be underestimated, especially suiting well politicians




There is still a dirtier craft than politics, jurisprudence!




More likely that a black becomes president in the United States, than a male family minister in germany 

(Was a thought long before Obama was in conversation and has long since been overtaken and confirmed by reality!)




The only reason why there is no revolution in Germany is television, but if the GEZ continues like this, even THAT could change !!





After d. new spelling is now only missing the new German case law!


Simple and understandable and without

the usual pitfalls!




Progress that comes with destruction is not real progress, but just increasing destruction!

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