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Marry in any case! If you find a good wife, you will be happy. If you find a bad one, you become a philosopher.

Socrates - Greek Philosph
469 BC Christ-399 BC Christ


Luck(ily) married?

If you NEVER give up, maybe you can dissolve the contradiction with happiness!

(Subtilius 2019)

As part of my divorce, I learned some basic lessons in 2004!

The Spaniards have a saying,

"Why marry? Just look for the woman you hate the most and give her a house as a present!

Lesson learned!

However, I also learned that you never know why some things are good for you and that something bad that ends up sometimes can result in something good!

Lesson learned with joy!

I wish everyone who visits the site and reads my spiritual outpourings, a lot of joy and illuminations!

It´s not belief that makes us strong!

It´s knowledge!

But even more priceless are
experience and knowledge

resulting from it.

Christoph Mittler - Subtilius

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