Marry in any case! If you get a good wife, you will be happy. If you get a bad one, you become a philosopher.

Socrates - Greek Philosph
469 BC Christ-399 BC Christ


Luck(ily) married?

If you NEVER give up, maybe you can y dissolve the contradiction with happiness!

(Subtilius 2019)

As part of my divorce, I learned some basic lessons in 2004!

The Spaniards have a saying,

"Why marry? Just look for the woman you most hate and give her a house as a present!

Lesson learned!

However, I have also learned that you never know what some things are 

good for something that is good for you and that can be the result of something bad, sometimes even something good can emerge!

Lesson learned with joy!

I wish everyone who visits the site and reads my spiritual outpourings, a lot of joy and illuminations!

It´s not belief that makes us strong!

It´s knowledge!

But even more priceless are
experience and knowledge

resulting from it.

Christoph Mittler - Subtilius



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