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Of all the thieves you meet in life,

the worst are those,

who steal your time

Lie to me, but lie to me nice!

That can only be a saying of someone,

who can´t bare the truth

Feminism has destroyed so much.

It really gains a break

If chemistry is not right, every combination

ends up in decomposition

If there is no way, you have to become the way

The moment spread to perspectives can consist of endless fragments

A nation is in bad company, when the protectors of its constitution only

protect their own constitution against

the nation itself

In contrast to lies, word games are meant to lead to knowledge

Violence is a sign of weakness and often caused by the feeling of helplessness

Many people live in the same circles all their lives and are wondering, why they are not getting any further

Rabid dogs are shot

Rabid people at most divorced

If you fight FOR something, at the same time you are fighting AGAINST something

at the same time.

If not, there would be no need to fight

You are not really living, if you are not willing to take responsbility for your

own actions

You always think of something as special what you don´t have or what you aren´t

If love were synonymous with happiness, you would only need ONE word for it.

Home is where the fart is

Let's build bridges, tear down fences and cross borders. If you hug your enemy,

he can't shoot you!

A smile alone can be disarming!

Apparent contradictions often disappear,

if you simply change the perspective!





Marriage has become a bad omen for a relationship

The last words of the cocaine-addicted copilot:

"That is truely a shit line!"

The pilot's last words:

"Raise the nose..."

Moments can be the keys to doors that either open or close and lead us into corridors that can give our lives a whole new direction.

A woman can turn a man into a king or a beggar

Cavemen had a lot of advantages, compared to modern men. They didn´t have Television and

they didn´t have to explain to their wifes,

where they were coming from

Curiously the more couples start talking,

the worse they get along with each other

Vigorous shaking of the head permanently prevents tenseness, especially in combination with the syllable "No"

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