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If Bauknecht really knows what women want,

his wife could tell you





The sweet delusion of a man, a woman wanted to shake his pants all the time often ends with the bitter realization

that in the end she actually only looks for his wallet in most cases!






Confusingly, since the birth control pill,

mothers have become worse!

Likely it´s because the unreliable

get pregnant more often





In a foreign country you come across a lot of familiar things

and in a foreigner you sometimes come across

known diseases





Emancipation is when a wife, a mother and father state

tell a man where to go and justice is subordinated

to this principle!





The difference between your divorce lawyer and you?

He can get out of this nightmare at any time

if he gets too much!





That chaos is the natural state of the universe

only had to be CONFIRMED by physicists,

married men already knew it long ago!


A discovery that you could almost always

cut from the ribs!





Those who interpret the law have not understood

that it was originally not meant as a fishing rod





If the woman was made to steal the man's mind,

the rising unemployment figures could easily

be explained!






If YOU intend to seduce a woman,

SHE has done it with you already!






Women are as innocent as flowers!

They bloom and smell only for their own sake! ;-)





Lately, emancipatition is nothing more than the

failure of women,  raised to cult






There has never come a counter-revolution

to women's revolution!






Why have fun with many women, if you can also

spend your time having trouble with a

single one?






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