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Much more than just force x path x time!

Those who talk a lot about how much they have to do, obviously have a lot of time to talk about it.



Since I know it´s going up, I finally know why breathing is becoming so difficult!



Then I thought I was finally over the mountain,

but since then it has only been going down



The fatal thing about things running like a clockwork is that they often still might end up going wrong!



The service here is so discrete that you won´t even notice it




You shouldn't knead dough, you should rake it in!




A torch can show you the way, but you may not want to see it at all




Lazy also means a little dead!




Goodwill is called the lack of willingness to deal with the bullshit of big mouths




If the way already was the destination, we could actually calmly sit down on the way with a

crate of beer




Just let weather the knot you can not untie

(Sometimes you have to wait and let time do the work)




You may fill all your pockets, but your heart will remain empty as long as you do not recognize true fortune!

With all the plans I still have in my life, I already will have to implement some of them post mortem!




Experience makes you faster, while age slows you down



It is much easier to follow well-trodden paths than to go your own way.




Why build madhouses while there are talk shows?

... and unemployment is also fought that way! 





If you would raise your hands to your head every time it´s necessary, you'd better keep them up there

all the time!





If the woman was made to steal the man's mind,

the rising unemployment figures

have a good explanation!




I think so I'm ... nice!

I think so I'm working... true!





Looking at Germany as a sinking ship, the last thing that is gonna drift up there is paper, but surely acurately filed



My life has become a forest fire!

My feet are smoking, my butt is burning!





I'm hanging on the ropes, but nobody's counting me





We live in a wonderland!

You can really just wonder!



Trying makes you smart!

Unfortunately, this is of little use

to the laboratory rat!




If trying really wise lab rats would be the smartest living beings





I was forced to act!

Am I an actor now?

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